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Common Activities for Senior Citizens

April 27, 2015


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Many seniors considering relocation fear that, once they have moved into assisted living facilities, they are lacking the types of entertaining activities that they enjoy at home. Fortunately, many assisted living homes offer a variety of things for seniors to do to keep occupied. Of course, the activities will differ from facility to facility, there are many options that are common to most assisted living facilities.

Many senior housing options provide residents with daily activities such as movie screenings, craft times, and games like bingo and checkers. For seniors who prefer to get some fresh air, the assisted living facilities may encourage residents to keep a small garden, or to walk around the grounds.

Of course, short walks around the yard are often insufficient for seniors who wish to remain active, either for personal preference or for health reasons. Many senior housing facilities offer fitness classes, bringing teachers in from community businesses to teach yoga, dance, tai chi, or other physical activities. Some may even already have a fitness area in the building, with stationery bicycles, treadmills, and other equipment.

Many seniors prefer to exercise their minds, and there are often activities to fit their interests, too. Some assisted living communities are able to offer their residents college-level continuing education classes. Others organize scrap booking, writing, and art workshops. Depending on the facilities available, some senior housing communities offer computer literacy or cooking classes.

For seniors who like a change of scenery, many assisted living facilities offer weekly or bi-weekly excursions into town. Grocery stores, shopping malls, and restaurants are all popular destinations. Occasionally, festivals, beaches, and theme parks are part of the trip. For many seniors, trips away from the assisted living community go a long way toward boosting morale.

Keeping seniors happy and healthy is as simple as keeping them active and entertained. For many seniors, lack of activity can lead to depression and feelings of isolation. Giving residents a creative outlet to allow them to choose how to spend their time can increase feelings of happiness and self-worth.

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