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Choosing Senior Housing Options What To Consider

October 15, 2015


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When considering senior housing options for their elderly loved ones, many feel guilt about sending people to what they call ?nursing homes?. The fact is that there are many big differences between a nursing home and an assisted living facility, and spreading awareness about those differences will make it easier for people to find the perfect senior housing options. After all, it should go without saying that no two assisted living facilities are the same, and many offer completely different services. So: what are your options?

Adult Day Care

Senior day care is an option for elderly people who have regular caregivers ? often family members ? but need someone else to care for them during the day, and particularly during common working hours. Usually, senior day care facilities have planned days full of activities for seniors to take part in. Because of this, they?re great socialization opportunities for seniors who otherwise could have been left alone with a secondary caregiver at home. This is also a great option for family caregivers; they don?t have to send their loved ones off to full-time assisted living facilities, yet at the same time can go to work knowing that their seniors are well-cared for, and provided with nutritious meals to boot. Senior day care also has the advantage of negotiable scheduling. Seniors can attend one day a week or five days a week, and are sure to have a great time all the while.

Independent Senior Housing

One of the most prevalent senior housing options is the independent senior housing. This is a type of senior citizen housing that typically exists in either a sort of planned community setting. Although there?s often an initial hesitance over placing seniors in any kind of eldercare facilities, the fact of the matter is that 89.3% of independent living residents would rate their overall satisfaction as good or excellent. This, perhaps, is the key for certain people. While some senior need round-the-clock care or observance, many assisted living residents are independent and have support available 24/7. Many seniors are not and may never be at the point where they need constant care. Residing in these sorts of facilities allows them to retain their independence while having the ?back-up? of support available if they absolutely need it. This is an answer both for the senior?s need for independence and their relatives? concerns over support.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are the primary options available for seniors who need near-constant or constant care. There is nothing wrong with placing a senior in a good nursing home. The care there is often more professional than what a family member could give, and there are many options for the seniors in nursing homes to socialize with people going through the same period in their lives. Know whatever you choose, your loved one will be well taken care of, and live out their lives with happiness and comfort.

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