Choosing Cremation

February 23, 2022


Have you ever wondered how the cremation process works? This video helps explain an alternative to burial services.

Once the casket arrives, the operator will remove any metal pieces from the coffin to prevent these from interfering with the cremation equipment and the process. Family members and friends are welcome to join and be a part of the process, but the operator will go ahead with the process if they choose not to.

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Once all the metal pieces have been removed, the casket will be placed on the loading table. When the cremation chamber is preheated and ready, the casket will be rolled gently into the chamber. Some caskets may create larger flames than others once they move into the chamber. The make of the casket causes the size of the flames.

With the push of a button, the loading arm will pull back, and the chamber door will close, allowing the cremation process to begin with temperatures of over 800 degrees celsius in the chamber.

The process in the chamber may take up to 150 minutes to complete. Once completed, the operator will be notified and will then remove the remains. Any metal items such as pacemakers and fillings are sifted from the ash. The finer ash goes into an urn for the family to collect.


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