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Cattle Ranch Land in the Midwest Brings High Value

August 10, 2015


Colorado horse property

Has your family ever considered moving away from the hectic and busy schedule of living in a big city? Are you and your spouse tired of the rat race that living in a large metropolitan area involves? Did you know that many families are opting to move away from crowded cities and instead live a more quiet lifestyle? Some of the families making this move are considering the farm or cattle ranch lands of the midwest and Rocky Mountains.

A check of the local realtor listings might further offer your family the opportunity to move away from the city. In some places in America, city homes are bringing more money to sellers than in the previous ten years. This chance to take the equity in your current home may be just the advantage you need in looking for a property with wide open space and beautiful views. The opportunity to own farmland for sale in Colorado or a luxury ranch for sale in Wyoming could provide you with an investment and a home at the same time.

Many places in the midwest and Rocky Mountain region have what our world will be needing most in the next 30 years. Land. Did you know that population experts predict that the growing world population will require 70% more food production by 2050? Currently, there are about 2.2 million farms in the U.S. These farms produce the food that our country needs to survive. The agricultural industry produces today’s food, as well as preparing and predicting future food needs. One example, is the trend for some of the cattle ranch lands of the midwest to switch to ranch lands for a more leaner meat. Currently, there are 162,110 bison in the United States. According to the 2012 USDA census, these bison herds reside on both private ranches and farms. While your family may simply think of going out for dinner, the agricultural industry is planning what will be on your plate when you to go to your favorite restaurant.

For example, the average size of a farm in Texas is 523 acres. The impact of production agriculture and related businesses on these large Texas farms is $36.4 billion annual boost to the Texas economy. In the state of California, much of the land is also used for food production. In fact, one third of the nation’s food is grown in the Central Valley in California. The owners of this farm and ranch land are some of the wealthiest and most diversified businessmen in our country. they not only have a portfolio of stocks and bonds, but they also have land that often equals the value of their other holdings.

If you are a “city dweller” who is looking to change your lifestyle or to expand your investments, you might consider the cattle ranch for sale in New Mexico or the hunting ranch for sale in Arizona.

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