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Budgeting Your Way to a Luxury Lifestyle

April 2, 2014


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Many of us dream of a luxury living lifestyle, but reality sadly interjects way too often. With some savvy budgeting and financial advice, it’s possible to save up so you can upgrade the important stuff and start luxury living without having to win the lotto.

Here’s a few ways how!

Make Your Budgeting Easier With the Computer.

Using a simple spreadsheet program, which is available through Google Docs, you can start planning your way towards a luxury living lifestyle. Start by identifying how you’re spending your money on both the essentials and non-essentials. This helps you see how much money you could otherwise be saving. Then, set goals accounting for your long term objectives. Lastly, keep the budget updated to make sure you’re on track to those goals. Some programs like Quicken actually have a built in budgeting component to make it easier.

Consider Some Alternatives.

If you’re buying lunch every day, consider packing one instead. Rather than doing this to save money, why not spend the difference on higher quality food products? That way, you can eat nicely every day of the week instead of only a few times. Also, consider leasing a vehicle if you need a new ride. Leasing allows people to afford a vehicle that would otherwise be out of their price range.

Use Cash Instead of Credit or Debit.

A lot of times, people who pay with credit or debit wind up spending more for the week than they intended to because they can’t actually see how much they’re spending. Taking out enough cash for the week will help you enforce your spending caps.

Whether you’re looking for Philadelphia apartment buildings with all the amenities, or just want to save some money by living in a loft economically, these tips will help turn your city living lifestyle into a luxury living lifestyle. If you have any questions about budgeting your way to luxury living, feel free to ask in the comments. See this link for more.

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