Best Way To DIY Install A Well Pump

August 8, 2022


Do you want to install a well pump without paying someone else or hiring a professional? If yes, this video shows how to install a well pump and the components needed for the project.

A well pump comprises the pressure tank, a water softener, a water conditioner, and the gauge. A pressure tank is a storage area where water is stored before being pumped into the house.

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This container is big enough to hold at least two days’ worth of water. The water softener removes hardness from water to avoid rusty pipes. Water conditioners remove iron from the water.

Well pumps pull water from deep underground and push it through pipes to the house. Gauges measure the pressure inside the pipe. The recommended pressure should be about 40-60 psi. If the pressure exceeds 60 psi, the system may encounter a problem. Switches control power flow to the well pump. Install highly rated switches to avoid current burnout. Finally, pressure release valves release excess pressure from the system. If the pressure gets too high, it opens and allows water to drain back down into the well.

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