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Barnwood and Rough Hewn Furnishings Continue to Grow in Popularity

June 27, 2018


This is the weekend you needed.
Your older daughter is working and staying on her college campus this summer, and your younger daughter is on a week long trip with her church youth group. Although it is fun to have the house to yourself, it is even more fun to get away. Your husband surprised you with a weekend get away in a beautiful place with lodge style furnishings. From the hickory chandeliers to the barnwood kitchen island, the place was amazing. The cabin was nestled in a stand of trees, so woke early in the morning and enjoyed the wildlife while you drank coffee on the front porch. Before it got too warm, you took the 2 mile hike around the lake and then spent the rest of the day exploring local shops or playing the local golf course.
Arriving late on Friday night and not checking out until Monday morning, you enjoyed two full days, just long enough to feel like these lodge style furnishings were you own. In fact, before you made the trip back to the city, you did a little shopping and purchases some lodge style decor of your own. The two bedside tables will look perfect in your own home and will always serve as a reminder of this special weekend away.

Lodge Style Furnishings Are Perfect in Many Settings

From homes to hotels and lobbies to libraries, there are many places where rugged lodge style furnishings are a perfect fit. And whether you live near the mountains or in the middle of the city, it is always fun to have furniture and accessories that make you feel as if the beauty of nature is just outside your door. Because so many people want to make sure that they are comfortable and comforted in their homes it may come as no surprise that US consumers are willing to spend $2,200 for living room redecoration. In fact, finding the exact right decorations for your home can be a quest that many people really enjoy.

Perhaps one of the reasons that people are so willing to invest so much in these furnishings is that consumers expect wall decorations and wood furniture to have a longer comparative life span, of as much as 15 years. Whether you want to find decorations for your mountainside lodge or your home in the city, you might find that natural cedar and aspen pieces are the perfect fit.

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