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Are You Safe? Choosing The Best Safe For Your Business

May 9, 2019


Business is always searching for the next best thing to secure both themselves and their customers, and especially their assets. Many companies tend to utilize human security to protect them, but there are some instances when a person simply won’t do. Companies typically purchase a business safe to protect their assets against theft to ensure all their assets are properly accounted for—high-security burglar safes are capable of preserving an upwards of $50,000-$1,500,000 worth of valuable content that can protect against safe crackers and fire. There are a variety of business safes that combat against burglary and theft in businesses including floor safes, laptop safes, gun safes, and even fireproof safes that can withstand high levels of heat damage. Companies greatly benefit from safes being a part of their safety regulations, considering the FBI reports a burglary in the United States occurs every 15.4 seconds and 90% of burglaries are never solved.

What Are Best Safes For Companies?

There are a variety of safes to choose from, but which safe best sates your company’s needs? Safes range from general use to high-level security depending on the amount of protection needed for your business’s assets. Typically, most companies, whether small or wide-scale utilize a heavy-duty biometric safe that protects their assets from nearly all potential situations that might occur at a business. However, there are some slight deviations in makes and models that are beneficial to some businesses more so than others.

1. Stealth Drop Safe Front Load Depository Vault: Considered a high-quality business safe, it’s ranked at #1 because it encompasses everything a business safe should be: reliable, big, sturdy, and nearly impenetrable. It’s constructed of top-tier steel, making it ideal for busy, high-trafficked businesses that can’t always keep a close eye on it. The construction of it consists of a solid, steel door that comes equipped with two solid steel deadbolts and accessible only through biometric code. It can relock itself automatically and highly beneficial if you want to use the Stealth Drop value to store large amounts of cash.

2. SentrySafe Fire and Water Resistant Safe: If you’re more concerned with the potential occurrence of an accident happening, it’s best to prepare for the worst. This business safe can protect assets against hazards like fire or water damage with its ability to within temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and sitting in water for up to 24 hours. It can even withstand drops of up to 15 feet without coming open—if this business safe can’t resist the damages the company will send a replacement.

3. Barska Large Keypad Depository Safe: Barska is known for some of the most state-of-the-art optic equipment that is quickly making a name for itself in the business world. This company makes a wide variety of safes for businesses and offices alike. This particular safe is best for retail businesses that have a history of security issues. The drop slot comes equipped with many sharp teeth for intruders attempting to steal deposits. The safe retains a two-digit pin that codes itself for authorized access that can be opened with a key if the batteries go dead.

4. First Alert 2087F: This safe feature a patented lockdown mechanism that can bolt it down wherever it’s placed. It’s suitable for files of all types and even computer equipment and other electronic media. Like the Barska, it’s also water-and-fire resistant even when bolted down, and all content will remain intact, even in a situation as dire as a flood.

5. Digital Electronic Cash Drop: With its savvy design, this business safe is easily considered one of the best designs for a cash box. Its design includes a cut-out slide and a door that is two inches thick, and large enough to hold two shelves in its interior. Although this safe use no combination it has a digital access code that makes it easier to deal with PINs.

6. SLYPNOS Electronic Digital Security Safe Box: Equipped with two codes, a master and personal one, it allows you the security desired to keep all assets safe. The safe has two override keeps in the event of an emergency and will alert you when the battery is low.

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