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Are You Ready to Update the Rugs in Your Kitchen Space?

June 27, 2019


The mission rugs are a perfect match, and they serve as the perfect way to start getting your home back in order.
You scheduled to have your wood floors refinished while you were on family vacation so that you could avoid some of the mess. What you did not anticipate, though, was that you would come home and still not be able to put the kitchen furniture back in place.

Two days after returning you could have put the kitchen table and chairs as well as the hearth room chairs and end table back on the floor. With the new furniture pads adhered to the legs that would be touching the floor, the finishing team said they would be fine. You could not, however, put any rugs down for two weeks. And since you have always had one rug under the table and another rug under the sitting area, moving the furniture back before the rugs did not really make sense.

Mission Rugs Provide the Perfect Anchor for Many Rooms

Instead of being frustrated about living another two weeks with your house out of order, you decided to embrace the fact that you had some time to look for new rug options. The two rugs that had been in the room were similar, but did not match, and the one under the kitchen table had several stains. You decided to take this time to find a matching pair of rugs that for the space. You have had a mission style living room furniture for years, and that is what lead you to that section of the showroom to look at rugs. The selections you made were awesome and you are ready to get the rest of the furniture in place this weekend.

The average size of a kitchen is 100 square feet. The actual average in the U.S., however, might be larger due to combined dining and cooking areas. This makes for a very large space that can often feel cold and industrial. With the addition of a rug under the eating area many home owners are able to add color and warmth to their space, as well as provide an extra level of protection for the flooring. Designers recommend that a rug’s edges should ideally be 12 to 14 inches from the room’s perimeter, and it is always a good idea to have a rug extend far enough so that chairs can be easily be moved out from under a kitchen table. With those few guidelines in mind, there are a wide range of choices available. From mission rugs to oriental rugs to various kinds of colors and textures, a rug can help anchor furniture in an otherwise very large space.

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