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Are You Giving Your Home a Makeover? Here’s What to Think About Before Asking for an Interior Design Consultation

May 22, 2015


Furnishing a home

For many people, home decor isn’t something that gets a lot of consideration. Most home or condo owners tend to choose based on colors or whatever they can afford without any real planning for style. For these individuals, furniture shopping can seem more like a chore.

However, there are ways of furnishing a home that can bring out the best in a space. Doing your own research is the first step, and getting a design consultation from a professional can take your home’s style to the next level. Here are three things you should consider as you give your house a makeover:

    1. Think about the style you want ahead of time. Home decor styles come from a number of influences, including geography, like the beach or the country, or time period, such as mid-century modern or Victorian. You’ll likely want to keep the style of your home consistent throughout, although it’s okay to want to mix and match as you see fit. Just make sure that what you’ve chosen will make sense for your space. For example, if you’re looking for something that is reminiscent of beach house decor, then you wouldn’t want to use floral patterns or keep a mid-century modern fireplace.

    2. Research furniture styles and materials. Just as it’s important to know about home design, you should also understand how your furniture is made. Many cheap furniture pieces are made with materials like particle board, and they contain visible welding and bolts. However, higher quality furniture should have no visible welding marks and bolts, if seen, should match the color of the furniture. Make sure that what you’ve chosen will match your decoration style.

    3. Get an in-home design consultation. The best way to know whether or not something will work for your home is to have an interior designer visit to see the space up close. This gives you the chance to seek personalized interior design advice on what will look best in your home. In addition to matching colors, they can also help you choose pieces that will not only make a statement but last for years to come.

What are your goals for redecorating your home? Find out if your favorite furniture stores offer design consultations, and tell us about your home decor plans in the comments below.

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