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Are You Embarrassed By How Dirty Your Office Is? Here’s What To Do

June 2, 2015


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If your boss is trying to find ways to make your office more productive, perhaps one element of productivity he or she should consider is office cleaning. According to a recent survey, 69% of employees think a clean workspace makes them more productive. If you think about it, it makes sense. The Chinese might call keeping a clean workplace good feng shui, but pretty much everyone knows the irritation and/or distraction of having a cluttered or dirty space. Additionally, in an office space, germs can be spread very quickly. If people aren’t using good hygiene and the office space isn’t getting clean, there’s sure to be a wave of colds going through the office. And since about 45% of workers have seen their peers leave the bathroom without washing their hands, you definitely want to make sure the office is getting cleaned.
We Have Janitorial Services, So What Do I Need To Do?
Even if you have a cleaning service for your office, there’s still day-to-day maintenance that can be done. Keep some small cleaning supplies at your desk, like hand sanitizer, tissues, cleaning wipes, etc. Any cleaning that you can do over the course of the day in your own area not only sets a good example for others, but contributes to the overall cleanliness of the office. You may also be surprised at how people judge a clean or messy workspace. Almost 60% of Americans say that they’ve judged a fellow employee for the cleanliness (or dirtiness) of their office space. Besides that, if you’re one of the 85% of employees who eats at their desk, it’s sure to get messy. Spills, stains, and crumbs are inevitable, even if you’re a neat eater, and those can jam up your keyboard and get ground into the carpet.
We Don’t Have Commercial Cleaning Services. What Should I Do?
If you work in a bigger company, ask your manager or supervisor about getting such a service. Politely voice your concerns about office cleaning and how it relates to sanitation and health and see if they can get a cleaner in. You may mention, for example, that the Office Cleanliness Monitor ran a survey of 1,000 employees who worked in offices. Their results showed that almost 65% of workers made a connection between having a clean building and how often they called in sick. The employees reported that staying longer at work, with no change in cleaning services was one of the biggest elements that led to unsanitary work conditions.
If you do have commercial cleaning services, but are worried about how often they come, like mentioned above, see if they can come more frequently. Make sure small things, like getting a carpet cleaner is also done at least a few times a month, as carpets can harbor allergens, dust, food debris, and more. Affordable office cleaning shouldn’t be that hard to find, with over 2 million men and women employed in the industry. You’ll also want to make sure that shared appliances (like in a kitchen) are being wiped down and cleaned thoroughly, as well as doorknobs and handles.
Promote good health in the work environment and invest in office cleaning today!

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