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An Adjustable Electric Bed Can Solve Your Sleeping Problems

April 1, 2016


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Night time and bed time can be a difficult time for some. Hundreds of thousands of people have trouble sleeping on a nightly basis. They may toss and turn due to chronic pain conditions or simply from an inability to sleep. They may have a sleeping partner who makes a lot of noise or who snores throughout the entire night. They may have a lot of pain that makes it difficult to find comfort while sleeping. The bed might be too hot or too cold, making it impossible to find the perfect temperature for sleep.

An adjustable electric bed can solve many of these sleeping problems. An adjustable bed offers many benefits for all types of sleepers. It can assist with chronic pain and pain that is brought on by sleeping. Adjustable beds have the opportunity to provide bed comfort that is designed based on the specific person?s pain conditions. An adjustable electric bed can be moved up and down, finding the right position for pain relief. It can also allow someone with lower back pain or leg pain to sit further up, encouraging blood flow and pain reduction to these areas. Bed comfort can make a huge difference in a chronic pain suffers sleeping habits.

An adjustable electric bed can also reduce loud sleeping, specifically problem snoring. Snoring can keep up the person doing it, or it can keep up others in the room with the loud noise. Snoring is actually a common problem among all ages and with both genders, and it affects approximately 90 million American adults, 37 million on a regular basis. (National Sleep Foundation). The ability to adjust the adjustable electric bed to difference levels can greatly reduce the occurrence of snoring. When a person is somewhat elevated, their snoring can reduce.

Many adults have trouble with sleep because of temperature problems. They may find their bedding to be too hot or too cold for a comfortable bed. An adjustable electric bed provides much more control over the temperature of the bedding. The mattress can be heated, or cooled. Heat can help with aches and pains and for those who feel very cold throughout the night. A cooling factor can help those whose body temperatures rise during sleep. In fact, 86% of people wake up in the middle of the night because of a temperature related issue, either it is too hot or too cold in their bedroom or they pull up or kick off sheets to adjust for the temperature. (One Poll Survey, 2015). An adjustable electric bed can greatly help to control the temperature of the room.

Sleep disturbances can cause a variety of health problems. Sleep is very important, and yet, many Americans do not get enough of it. They may lack in sleep quality as a result of chronic pain, temperature related issues or from loud noises, such as snoring of a sleeping partner. An adjustable electric bed can help with all of these problems, ensuring that a comfortable night?s sleep is possible for everyone.

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