A Step-By- Step Guide to Outdoor Air Conditioning Installation

September 6, 2022


Installing an outdoor air conditioner can be difficult, mainly if you are not an industry expert. It would be best to seek a professional to set up your system and ensure it operates efficiently if you are not well-versed in air conditioning installation.

The first step before the installation is to ensure the distance between the outdoor AC and the wall is over 12 inches.

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The installation specialist will also need to ensure the unit is not within ten feet of an antenna. A concrete base above the ground is essential for the system’s foundation. Laying something solid is vital because the ground’s surface can shift after some time. You should also raise the surface to prevent rain puddles from forming beneath the condenser.

The actual positioning of the outdoor air conditioning unit follows. The exterior air conditioning system is secured to the concrete with the help of cushions or rubber pads. These will not just hold it in place but also lessen the machine’s vibrations. The technician will verify the internal unit’s wiring before connecting the internal cable with the external device through the drilled hole in the wall.

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