A Day in a Luxury Country Club

March 9, 2022


When you think of a country club, you probably think of a green, expansive golf course outfitted with golf carts, fountains, and a fancy dining establishment. While this is accurate more-or-less, some country clubs take the fanciness of golfing life to the next level. This video gives ua first-hand look inside of Boca West Country Club, one of the most expensive and best-rated country clubs in the country.

Boca West excels in private club living, which essentially in being able to live in your favorite golf course. With 4 championship-grade courses and more than 10 tennis courts, it’s a marvel to look at this humongous club.

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The country club contains numerous restaurants, ranging from 5-star fine dining to upscale pizza shops. They are also located right next to an airport, several shopping districts, and several festival grounds. Country club residential living is truly the high life, and it’s no wonder why so many American move to warmer parts of the country to relax in their later years. If this sounds perfect, check out a country club near you!


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