5 Tips for Online Dating

January 20, 2016


More and more people are turning to the internet to find true love. At least 42% of Americans say they know someone who has used an online dating service and nearly 30% say they know someone who is currently in a relationship with someone they met through online dating sites. More than half (53%) of people who are online admit they think the internet is a great way to find someone to date because you can meet a wider variety of people that way.

Tips for Finding Love Online
Try not to obsess over details or photos. When you meet someone in person, you are less likely to think things like, “Well, I like them but I really prefer someone who prefers Buffy over Twilight.” One thing you do not get from a profile is how much you may or may not connect with someone. Remember that people you like in person actually can become more attractive to you because of their personality so judging someone harshly based on how they look in their photos is really unfair to both of you.

Look at the overall one and feel of different profiles. Rather than focus on the details of a person’s likes or dislikes, look at the overall feel of the profile. Do they share any of your interests? How about the tone of the profile? Can you get a sense of what the person is like? Ask them questions about what kinds of books, music or other interests they have.

Be honest. You probably do not like being lied to so be honest in your profile and when responding to other people. Be honest with yourself about what you are looking for in a partner and in friends. Some people do use online dating services to meet new people for friendships, not to date them. You do yourself no favors by lying to yourself or the other person.

Do not assume someone’s online profile is 100% accurate. Even when people are not lying, they often do not give accurate information. For example, have you ever met a person who thinks they do not have a good sense of humor or who thinks they are a bad driver? Probably not. The key is not to find someone with a good or bad anything but someone whose sense of humor or style or whatever compliments your own.

Meet your date in a public place. Yes, there are safe online dating sites but to be sure, you should not agree to meet anyone you meet in a private place. Opt instead for someplace with a lot of other people. Think about it this way, you would not go on a blind date in a private locale why meet someone you met through online dating sites any differently?

Online dating can be scary but it can be fun, too. It can allow you to meet new people either if you are new to a town or just want to seek dating opportunities outside of your social circle. While the prospect of meeting a prospective partner online may be daunting, single dating sites are safer than ever before.

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