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5 Reasons Day Care Centers Are Great For Your Kids

September 27, 2017


day care centersRaising kids is a great job but it’s also a difficult task. Not only do you have to care for them at all times by providing them with shelter, clothing, medicine, food, liquid, and helping them with their hygiene, you have to help craft their brains.

The first few years of a child’s life are extremely important when comes to brain development. During your child’s first few years on earth, approximately 700 new neural connections are formed every second. If you’re not doing a good job preparing your kids for their future educational careers, they are going to seriously struggle when it comes time to go to school.

That’s where quality day care centers come in. Although it’s your responsibility to help teach your child about life and the world when you’re both at home, during the day you’re likely at work so it’s impossible for you to handle their brain development. Here’s how child care centers can help strengthen your kid’s brain.

Experienced staff
Quality day care centers are staffed with knowledgeable adults who can help prepare your kid for his or her educational future. These employees will work with your child and even create individualized infant learning plans to help them grow.

Plenty of fun games
Not only are the games at these care centers fun for everyone, they also promote learning and can truly help your kids become smarter. Stay-at-home parents that just turn the TV on and let their kids stare at it for a few hours aren’t doing them any favors. But playing educational fun games can greatly benefit your children.

Socializing with children from all over the place
Even if your child isn’t talking yet, simply interacting with other kids will help form many more neural connections. Kids (and some adults) often truly believe they are the center of the universe, so it’ll be nice for your children to learn at an early age that there are a lot of other good people in this world.

Structure and organization
If your kids are staying at home with you all the time, you won’t really have an organized schedule that you’ll both follow. At these child care centers, however, your kids will begin to learn about sticking to a schedule and being organized. This kind of light structure will definitely help prepare your kids for everything from preschool to even college.

Spend time away from parents
As painful as it is to be away from your kids, it’s actually important that they get away every once in a while. You don’t want your kids to grow up sheltered and too dependent, so allowing them to spend time with other authoritative figures and other kids can only help.

Make sure you’re doing everything to help your kids and their cognitive development. To learn more about the benefits of day care centers, contact Growing Room Childcare today.

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