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4 Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

May 13, 2013


Updated 3/3/21

Many people are worried about home safety as they spend more time at home and will start searching for some sort of burglar alarm. If you are worried about your home’s safety you should start researching alarm systems. A house alarm systems search can provide you with information about the types of alarm systems you will find and how they work. You will also find examples of the ways a home alarm system could work in your home.

Once you have done some research, you will find these systems are not the burglar alarm of Home Alone or another old movie. These alarm systems, while known as burglar alarms, are not just a simple burglar alarm, they are a way to ensure your family is safe while they sleep. Choosing the right home alarm system will be sure your belongings are safe when you are on vacation or even just out walking your dogs. When you are searching for a home alarm system you should look at the reviews of people who live a similar lifestyle to you so that you find the system that is best suited to your family.

Investing in burglar alarms in your home is a good idea regardless of where you live. Many may feel like they are in a good neighborhood with police routinely patrolling the area. They also may feel like they live in a region where there are hardly any break-ins. However, statistics may surprise you about break-ins. In fact, this article has some alarming stats about the time and areas where break-ins may occur more often.

Nevertheless, when you have a high-quality alarm surveillance system, you can always be notified by the alarm maintenance company about break-ins while you are out. In fact, you can do various, useful things with top-notch alarm pro security systems. These systems may have an app where you can disarm and arm the alarm anywhere, you can always check the status, and you may be able to set proactive safeguards.

You can easily find more about alarm systems through many reputable and proven alarm systems in the market. Furthermore, these sorts of companies will have high technology that allows for 24/7 monitoring.

One of the most common types of burglar alarm systems is the magnetic alarm system or magnetic sensor. This is most commonly used in doors and windows. In this type of system, a magnet completes an electrical current. So for example, when the door is opened the current is disrupted. This then triggers the alarm. This is very effective in discouraging intruders or burglars from entering the home. If you are looking for home burglar alarm systems, there are several things that you need to consider. The most expensive may not be the right one for you. The most technologically advanced may similarly be the one that can give you the right protection. It is, therefore, necessary to know your options so that you will be able to take all things into consideration. So to help you find a burglar alarm equipment or system for your home, here are the different types of burglar alarm systems.

Another common type of burglar alarm system is the infrared motion detector. The infrared motion detector detects the presence of a person walking in front of the infrared burglar alarm systems. Once it detects a presence, the alarm is then triggered. Most of this type of burglar alarm systems gives enough time for the homeowner to deactivate the system in case it is accidentally activated.

Similar to the infrared, there are also ultrasonic and microwave detectors. The ultrasonic burglar alarm systems use sound waves in detecting an intruder. In this system, the sound waves are bounced off the walls of the home. If an intruder enters the room, it disrupts the frequency. The alarm is then triggered. The microwave burglar alarm system is almost the same except that it uses radio frequency and that it can also detect intruders in another room because the waves can penetrate the walls. It is one of the best wireless burglar alarms system we have today.

Many homes also have monitored burglar alarm systems, such as ADT alarms. The monitored burglar alarm systems, such as the monitored ADT burglar alarm, calls the monitoring center and the police once the system detects an intruder and the alarm is triggered. This type of system also allows the homeowner enough time to deactivate the system in case of a false alarm. There are different types of monitored burglar alarm systems. Some systems detect only the presence of an intruder. Then there are those that detect fire and smoke. ADT for example offers burglar monitoring, fire and smoke monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, flood and temperature monitoring, panic button, and even a medical alert system. Of course, not all homes may require all these services. As such you can actually choose the right service or monitoring that you need. The customization of the monitored burglar alarm systems is one of the benefits of this type of system.

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