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4 Crucial Things To Look For in Equestrian Property For Sale

October 6, 2015


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For many horse lovers, owning your own horse ranch is a dream come true. In fact, many notable equestrians spend their entire lives saving for the “horse property” of their dreams. And like any large investment, selecting the right equestrian property for sale requires extensive research and deliberation. So if you’re looking for the perfect horse ranch for sale, how do you evaluate different properties? What should you look for in the ideal equestrian property?

We’ve got you covered…

Ask the Right Questions

It’s not enough to find the perfect equestrian property for sale today. Ranch land for sale is also a major investment. If you pick the right tract of land, it could be the best investment of your life. That means you need to look ahead and ask what your intended property will look like in 10, 15, even 30 years.

For instance, is there surrounding land that’s likely to be developed soon? Will you be able to make needed expansions in the future? Will ongoing development in your county affect your property value or water quality? Check in with other local ranchers for what to expect in the years to come.

Does the Land for Sale Have Adequate Drainage?

Whether you plan on raising horses, cattle, sheep, or all of the above, grazing animals can have a major effect on the topsoil, compacting the ground in their grazing area. That means that over time, flat land can become flooded with excess rainwater. At the same time, overly hilly equestrian properties might not be ideal for riding and training. Think carefully about how your property will fare during wet seasons.

Dangerous Environments

No, we don’t mean the threat posed by wolves. In many areas, native or invasive plants can pose a huge threat to your beloved animals health. The weed ragwort, for instance, can kill horses. Conduct a careful land inspection for hazardous plant life or other obstacles that could injure or kill your horses.

Existing Stables and Fences

one of the best ways to save money on equestrian property for sale is to find horse ranches for sale with existing horse stables and fences. If you can locate property with reliable fences and stables already in operation, you could end up saving considerable amounts of money. Then, you can put that money back into your land, making needed improvements as time goes on.

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