3 Simple Steps to Help You Plan a Memorial Service

August 29, 2018


When a loved one passes away, you may find yourself responsible for planning the funeral or memorial service. But if you’ve never planned one before, you may find yourself wondering how to plan a memorial service. So to help make this difficult process a little easier, here are a few simple steps to follow.

Consider options for final disposition: One of the first things you should do when planning a funeral is choose a final disposition option. There are actually several options for final disposition — when a person dies, they don’t necessarily have to be buried. And even with burial, there is more than one option. Generally, people choose between earth burial, entombment, and cremation services. All of these services can have different meanings behind them for different people. But in the end, you should choose what you think is best for your loved one.

Pick a location, date, and time: Choosing a date, time, and the location is something that should be done as quickly as possible, especially if you’ll be having people come in from out of town. One of the most popular locations for memorial services and funerals is funeral homes. Of people over 40, 65% agree that funeral directors are the best source of information when they’re making arrangements for a funeral. But there are other options for service locations, so you should choose a place that feels right. Overall, the location of the funeral or memorial service should reflect the deceased’s interests or personality.

Make it personal: While funerals and memorial services are generally traditional, it’s okay to make the service personalized. Did your loved one have a favorite park they always went to? Maybe that would be a good place for the service. Did your loved one have a favorite flower or musician? Try to incorporate these into the service. It’s important to remember that while people will be grieving, a memorial service also serves as a way to celebrate the life of the loved one. So don’t be afraid to make it personal and show their personality through the choices you make regarding the service.

Hopefully, this article shed some light on how to plan a memorial service. This process can be difficult, but if you follow these steps it may be a bit easier.

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