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3 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Office

December 24, 2015


People spend time working, and it is not easy to clean their businesses and homes. Some businesses, such as hospitals, and clinics require specialized cleaning to ensure the patients and the staff are safe from germs. The medical office cleaning procedures and services are done within the Center for Disease Control and Association of Professionals Infection Control and Epidemiology guidelines. In addition, hiring a medical clinic cleaning service increases employees’ productivity when their place of work is clean and germs-free.

Hiring hospital cleaners helps to save time. The hospital staff is always busy attending to patients, and they shouldn’t be the ones to mop the floors, sanitize equipment, and empty containers. In addition, medical cleaners ensure a safer medical environment for the nurses and doctors who spend the whole day in the facility. If you have a lab, hospital, or chemist, seek a medical office cleaning service near me. However, ensure the cleaning staff is experienced and qualified to clean and sanitize medical-related facilities.

Most cleaners only perform the basic cleaning such as wiping shelves, floors, walls, but do not sanitize or wash the hard-to-reach areas. A high-quality medical building cleaning service uses vacuum filters to clear airborne allergens and improve air quality.

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Being the owner of a business, or a manager in an office, leaves you with the responsibility of not only helping your employees reach their highest potential, but also helping to keep the office clean. Most people know the obvious reasons to keep an office clean, but some don’t realize just how detrimental the effects of a dirty office are. Check out a few benefits of investing in cleaning services for your business.

Less Absenteeism

There is an 80% reduced risk of catching a common cold or influenza in a clean office, and cleaning has proven to reduce absenteeism by about 46%! So by hiring a maid service, you are keeping your employees healthy and happy, which keeps them in the office, to the benefit of your company. This will also make you more attractive to potential employees.


An office cleaning service simply helps keep your office looking professional. After all, you can’t exactly walk investors or business partners through a dirty office and expect them to take you or your ideas seriously, can you? It comes down to professionalism; how your office looks reflects not only on your company as a whole, but it also reflects on your managerial skills. Make a good impression, not a gross one.


Maid services, believe it or not, can actually help the productivity of your employees! Their cognitive abilities are diminished by about 2 to 6% thanks to dust in the air. Cleaning services can help avoid dust build up, thus helping your employees stay on top of their game, getting more work done, with a higher level of skill. Little things like this should not be overlooked!

Will you be investing in any types of cleaning services for your office? What do you think is the biggest benefit of investing?


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