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3 Health Benefits Associated With Walking Aids

September 15, 2017


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Walking is one of the most popular forms of physical activity that American’s participate in. It’s easy, relaxing, and can be done almost anywhere. It is also very effective for controlling blood glucose levels. However, many Americans, somewhere around 6.8 million, need the assistance of a mobility device such as custom walking canes in order to assist them with this activity.

There are many benefits to utilizing wooden canes or similar walking sticks and devices to get around, even if you have a mobility issue. And there are even good health benefits associated with the aids. Some of the health benefits that can be associated with wooden canes or similar are:

Back And Joint Health

A mobility device can help the back and joints of the body by redistributing the body’s mass and weight, taking it off the back, knees, and hips. It supports it on the cane or similar device, and that can be beneficial to people with arthritis or back problems. It also helps with posture, especially in the upper back. Proper posture helps move mass evenly, which reduces the chance of injury, and improves back health and strength.

Improves Stability And Balance

When you walk over things like uneven terrain, the various obstacles can make it hard to maintain your balance. In an instance, like going uphill, hiking on loose dirt and soil, or stepping on rocks you need to have proper support. A walker, cane, or walking stick will stabilize the body’s weight and reduce the risk of falling and slipping. It also assists on hills by providing balance, especially when you’ve become fatigued and muscle strength wanes.

Improve Mobility

Canes can help individuals of all ages maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, not just those that are elderly. Better balance can benefit a person’s health, and it can lessen the stress on the body, and relieve joint pain. The elderly can use a cane or similar mobility device to move around better. It minimizes weight on the legs, back, knees, and other locations to allow users to feel less tired, and thus more energized during day to day activities.

There are a lot of health benefits that wooden canes offer people that use them, and that isn’t just the elderly. You can feel less pain and more energy day to day with the use of a walking aid.

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