3 Easy Steps For Choosing a Garage Door

August 23, 2022


How much thought have you put into the type of garage doors you want for your home? If you’re starting out with your research, the three steps below will help to make the process much easier for you.

1. Choose the door size.

The first step to choosing the best garage doors for you will be choosing the size that fits your home best.

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You may have a single car door, a double door, or a combination. Measure the garage openings to confirm if they are the single door size, eight to nine feet, or the double door size, 16ft.

2. Choose the design style.

After size, the garage door’s visual style will be next important. You’ll want to make sure that it matches the style of the house. Three common options are traditional, contemporary, and carriage house.

3. Choose the construction type.

The construction and insulation type is one of the less obvious decisions to make for your garage doors, but it is just as essential. The main three factors you’ll want to consider are quiet operation, energy efficiency, and durability. Of course, you can research and factor in any other considerations you feel are meaningful to you.

By starting with these three steps, you can simplify the garage door selection process.


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