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Ordering a Custom Quilt

Nearly all Americans have heard about quilts, even if they have never owned one or made one. Quilts are shaped like blankets, but in fact, they do not actually have to be used like blankets. Some quilts are, but others are simply hung as decoration, such as custom memory quilts, custom quilts made of T-shirts, […]

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Planning Your Own Funeral: What NOT to Do

Planning your own funeral may seem morbid, but it can actually be beneficial in a number of ways. You can alleviate the financial burden left to your family once you’re gone and you can ensure your final wishes are met. But planning a funeral can be complex and overwhelming, especially when it’s your own. So […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Well

Many parents agree there’s no feeling better than spending time with their children. However, becoming a new parent means dealing with a few problematic situations. Considering that, many new parents deal with the stress of a baby that isn’t sleeping well. This situation doesn’t only affect your baby, but it can cause almost everyone in […]

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