New Home Builders Offer a Variety of Price Ranges and Floor Plans

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You are ready for a different stage in your life.
After decades of working and arranging your schedule to accommodate your children, you are now retired and getting to make your own plans and your own schedules. Your children are now grown adults with their own families. No longer needing your financial help, they are happily living their own lives. You feel welcome to visit them whenever you want, and have the freedom of time that allows you to host them in your home frequently.

As a result, you have been looking at new homes that are offered by some of the top master planned community developers. With an eye toward a location that offers warm weather year round, as well as plenty of golf, tennis, and other activities, the new homes that you are considering share a few similarities: price, age, and maintenance.
As a growing number of Americans find themselves looking at moving out of a more traditional family home, it should come as no surprise that many are considering the convenience and advantage of looking at new homes in planned communities that meet a number of new home owner goals.

Price. Whether you are looking for a first home or a retirement home, the amount of money that you can spend determines the kind of house that you look at. Spending time figuring out what is your budget can help you decide how you want to approach your search for new homes. In the year 2015, at 30%, the primary reason for purchasing a home was the desire to own a home of their own. With this in mind, many home buyers who are retiring want to purchase a home that they will enjoy, but even more importantly, a home that they can afford. Taking the equity from a previous home, for instance, allows many buyers to find a location in a planned community that can be paid in full and serve as a real asset for the remainder of their lives.

Age. New homes in planned communities are especially appealing to many individuals and families. Knowing that you can live in a space that provides the entertainment and recreational options that you are looking for is a real draw to many of these locations. New homes that are surrounded by new streets and new water and sewer systems look great and offer a place that is both safe and relaxing. The fact that 63% of respondents reported being willing to pay more for an apartment or house if it was located in an area with good green spaces, compared with, for instance, 34% willing to pay more for an area with good shopping and 33% for good cultural venues. The advantage to a new community is that all of these activities and venues can be planned into communities are in the highest demand.

Maintenance. One of the biggest draws of a recently developed planned community is that the everything is new. With high efficiency appliances and heating and cooling systems, owners can move into a home that is basically maintenance free. Some of these communities even have advantages of lawn services, and when necessary, snow removal. People who are looking for a retirement home are especially interested in looking for a place that does not take hours a week to maintain. Knowing that you are investing in a new home in your best price range is even more appealing when you know that you will not be faced with time consuming and expensive maintenance issues.

If you are ready for a different stage in your life, you may be looking at selling your older home and moving into a planned retirement community. Doing your research and considering your options can help you find a home that meets all of your needs. From price, to age, to maintenance, many buyers have something very specific that they are looking for. As an example, a 2016 survey by the National Association of Homebuilders found that 90% of respondents listed Energy Star appliances as an essential or desirable feature on their list of most-wanted items. Likewise, taxes on a new home are significantly lower in the first 12 to 24 months than on a similarly valued resale home.

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